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Mid-City Living & The Diverse Home Styles

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by Dean Knows
January 7, 2019

Diverse Home Styles In Mid City

People searching for real estate in New Orleans are pleased to learn about how many options await in the Mid-City area, both for residential and investment buyers.

Although the area is one of the neighborhoods in highest demand, the high demand tells just one part of the story behind why it should get serious consideration.

Home buyers will enjoy the variety of homes in Mid City, as well as the easy access to downtown that tops many buyers’ or renters’ priority lists.

Distinct Housing Styles

The Big Easy has long been known for its unique architecture, which bears the influence of Spanish and French settlers that has helped give the Crescent City its distinct character.

This city has also shown remarkable resilience, with impressive rebuilding efforts after getting hit by some of the worst hurricanes in local history. Those who want to buy a home in New Orleans, can benefit from learning about some of the home types most commonly researched in late 2018 and their features.

One of the most helpful things for many people in this area is that these older homes provide a nice touch of history, and were also built during a time when homes were expected to endure.

Buying one of these houses is a sound investment for owners who might be inclined to sell the house eventually and want a property that stands out from the rest of the offerings.

Another advantage for people buying a home as an investment is that the features in these homes make them attractive for renters, always beneficial for a competitive rental market.

Charming Cottages Are In Demand

Cottages originally from the early 1900s rebuilt or remodeled following Katrina are in demand for their value as starter homes, as well as their beauty. Functional wood shutters, handcrafted fireplace mantels, and pedestal sinks are some of the features that give these homes a lot of charm and help them stand out from newer houses.

Buyers looking for homes that might have unusual decor will be able to take full advantage of these opportunities, knowing that they are buying a home likely to have exceptional resale value.

Purchasing homes in this area of the city to rent out is also a wise option for the reason that many people don’t think about. These homes are attractive to renters who like the idea of living in an older house without the responsibilities that come with ownership. The city has a lot of interest that is certain to attract renters willing to pay the price for an older treasure.

Condominiums Are In Style

Although it is easy to think of real estate in this area mostly consisting of single-family housing or apartments, condominiums have taken hold in recent years, part of a more significant trend involving several high-demand cities.

Advantages include having equity invested in the home that offers borrowing power, which is always one of the significant advantages over renting an apartment for many.

Another one of the selling points for many who opt to purchase a condo is not having to cope with the number of repairs and maintenance issues that would ordinarily be involved with owning a single-family house.

Buyers who invest in a multi-family building can also take advantage of an opportunity provided with a growing interest in timeshare units for people visiting this city.

Visitors to the area often prefer to make use of a timeshare as an alternative to the high prices that hotels charge during peak times, with all of the conveniences of home. Offering at some of the units in such a building as timeshares or at least vacation rentals is an excellent way to enjoy a healthy income.

Local Amenities

One of the biggest draws for Mid-City that buyers are likely to see is someone trying to sell a home promoting the proximity to local amenities. Many homes in this area of town are close to local coffee shops and grocery stores, with streetcar stops being in easy walking distance for most. One of the most-beloved local landmarks, The Lafitte Greenway, is very accessible for many of the houses in this area of the city.

Most of the city is highly walkable, and this particular neighborhood is no exception. One of the things that continue to attract people to this city with easy access to local amenities that make life in the community much more convenient. The demand for this area is unlikely to go away anytime soon, so there is no time like the present to see what is available.

There are abundant opportunities for buying or selling properties in this area of town that are too good to pass over.

Contact your local Realtor for more information, or if you need help or advice regarding buying or selling a home.

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