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Bayou St John

by ellen_escarcega
August 28, 2014
Category:   Neighborhood

Bayou St John

Also known as Faubourg St. John,  in the Esplanade Ridge Historic District. It is approximately 75 city blocks in area and has an average elevation of about 1 foot above sea level. Not bad when you consider about half of New Orleans is several feet under sea level. More than 4,000 residents call Faubourg St. John home. One of New Orleans’ finest neighborhoods, Faubourg St. John is famous for its stately trees, abundant parks, spectacular homes, world-class museums, vibrant bayou, excellent restaurants and fine shops throughout the neighborhood especially along its business districts on Ponce de Leon and Broad Streets. Faubourg St. John contains the full range of residential uses, fun and friendly business districts, office space, a wide range of medical services and a small amount of light industrial property. This full range of land use, plus the economic and ethnic diversity of the neighborhoods’ population qualifies Faubourg St. John as a premier destination.

The faubourg in bounded roughly by Bayou Road/Gentilly Boulevard/Belfort Avenue on the north,  Orleans Avenue on the south,  North Broad Street on the east and Bayou St. John on the west. Although most buildings in the neighborhood were built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries,  some along the bayou can be counted among the oldest remaining in the city,  dating to the late 1700s and early 1800s. And because the bayou was the main water route into the city for more than a century,  many travelers and traders got their first introduction to La Nouvelle Orleans from its waters. Today,  several historic homes remain,  and other late-19th century homes have filled in between them,  creating a handsome streetscape. Residents prize the view across the bayou and the recreational opportunities the waterway provides.


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